Tuesday, May 28, 2019

This Week In Our Classroom...

I hope you enjoyed Memorial Day weekend!  Thank you to all of your family members who have served for our country.  💙

Literacy:  Students will work on a small project to showcase the subject they studied last week.   They will also take an assessment to demonstrate mastery determining important events, identifying setting details, and distinguishing between episodic and chronological structures within a text.  Midweek, students will choose a new subject to study.  They will learn to identify the theme in a biography text as well as obstacles the subject overcame.  In writing, students will continue to type realistic fiction stories.

Science:  Today we'll finish up learning about food chains and webs.  Tomorrow students will explore a population simulation to understand how humans impact food chains.  Later in the week, students will take the Investigation 2 assessment.

Social Studies:  We will begin our next social studies unit this week as well.  It will be integrated into both writing and reading.  Students will spend time researching a large city in the US and comparing it to Chicago.

Math: We will begin Unit 8 this week.  Unit 8 is a review of skills we've learned this year.  Students apply knowledge of fraction operations to solve a variety of multi-step number stories.  Please expect the corresponding Home Links.

NWEA:  Students will take the NWEA this week- both tomorrow and Thursday.  We will test in reading first and then math on Thursday.

WAX MUSEUM SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, June 12th 2:15-3 p.m.
Research papers due Monday, June 3rd.  Please have your child begin memorizing his/her speech.  It should be NO LONGER than 1 minute long.