Tuesday, May 7, 2019

This Week in Our Classroom...

Literacy:  Students will finish reading their literature circle choice books and meet with their peers to discuss the end of the book.  Next week, we'll begin our biography unit.  In the writing block, students will continue to draft their realistic fiction story.  Today, students outlined their story on a plot mountain.  Tomorrow we'll begin developing characters and character motivation.

Math:  Our seventh math unit teaches students to multiply fractions and mixed numbers.  They'll continue to use multiplication strategies to solve word problems and analyze data on a line plot.  I will assign several assignments on www.freckle.com as well.  These assignments are great practice and offer more of a challenge than the Home Links alone.

Science:  For the remainder of the week, students will wrap up projects and assignments using the theme set text.  Today they met with each of the different animal groups to learn about the life cycles of Poison Dart Frogs, Giant Pandas, Monarch Butterflies, and Komodo Dragons.  Tomorrow we'll study life cycle diagrams and read a short article.  The test will be given on Friday.  Students will be able to use their book to help them on the test.  Next week, students will begin studying the life cycles of insects and the environmental factors that affect survival.

Field Trip:  This Thursday, May 9th, we'll travel to the Irish American Heritage Center to see a play based on the history of immigration in Chicago.  You can find a detailed description on the theater company's website: http://www.greatworkstheatre.com/chicago.html

Spring Music Performance:  Students will perform in the Spring Assembly on Thursday afternoon from 2-3pm.  Please come!  It will take place in the auditorium.

Shared Learning in Science