Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Volunteer Status

Please keep your volunteer status up-to-date if you'd like to volunteer to chaperone field trips and help out in the classroom.  We have a couple more field trips this year.  Check with the office for necessary paperwork.

Social Emotional Learning Tips for Parents

SEL Tips from Mrs. Kearns... 

This week we will focus on keeping our language precise, simple, brief, and positive. Kids understand more when we speak less. Long explanations, however reasoned and well-intentioned, are usually counterproductive because students often start to think about other things before we finish talking. We may also be tempted include warnings and threats that are generally not effective. 

1) User fewer words 
2) Get to the point "Jack, sit down."
3) Leave out threats and warnings
4) Think about how to ask, instead of tell, to engage your child's logic and strengthen their executive functioning skills. "What do you do to get ready for school?" "What are the things you need for your homework?"
5) Know when to be silent. 
6) Remember, when a person is out of control and in a heightened emotional state, appealing to logic will not work. Calming down isn't just ideal, it is mandatory if logical thinking is expected. It is helpful to, when your child is calm, come up with a list of strategies that help him/her calm down and post them somewhere for easy referral during times of stress. 

This Week In Our Classroom...

Literacy:  This week students will continue reading their assigned novel.  Each day, they read a portion of the book, write a brief summary, and discuss the character development within the text.  During writing, students will work on a character analysis essay which incorporates text evidence from the book.

Science: We will finish our theme set this week and students will be tested on Wednesday.  It is an open book test, please encourage your child to use the book to double check answers!  It is a very simple way to guarantee a good score on the test.  Following the test, students will begin the lab portion of the unit- studying rocks, soil, and landforms.  Much of this work will be completed in their Science Notebook.

Math:  We will continue to plow through Unit 4 in our curriculum.  Students will develop multiplication strategies and practice finding the area and perimeter rectangles.  Please expect corresponding Home Links as homework.  

Important Reminders
1/24/19 14 Books due for the 30BT
2/1 End of Quarter 2

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Every Living Thing Character Packet

All students received their character packet and a copy of Every Living Thing today.  Although we completed most of the packet in class, there were a couple pages we were unable to finish.  I've assigned these final pages as homework this week.  The entire, completed packet and the book are due on Friday, January 18th.  This is an excellent opportunity to work with your child at home and practice skills we are currently working on in the classroom.

The final character assessment will also be based on this text.  Students will read "Retired" and use the story to demonstrate mastery of characterization skills, summarizing, and determining the theme of a story.  You are welcome to preview the story with your child.

Monday, January 14, 2019

This Week in Our Classroom...

I hope your week is off to a great start!  Below you can find an overview of what to expect this week.

Literacy:  Students will continue to read their assigned novels and study the main character.  Mini-lessons will focus on studying character motivation and reviewing characterization and plot elements.   During the writing block, we'll create our ABC book covers and begin researching for a topic students chose prior to winter vacation.

Science:  Learning about the different forces that change and shape our Earth (wind, water, ice, and volcanoes and earthquakes) will continue throughout the week.  Students will take the final assessment on Friday.  They may use the text on the assessment.

Math:  We'll begin unit 4 this week.  Unit 4 teaches students strategies for solving multi-digit multiplication.  Students will also review area and perimeter concepts in this unit.  A new Home Links packet was passed out today.

Thursday we will take a field trip to the Chicago History Museum.  

Monday, January 7, 2019

This Week in Our Classroom...

Happy New Year! 

First of all, I wanted to say thank you so much for the extremely kind and generous holiday gifts.  They were very appreciated and made me feel extremely special.  I really enjoy working with your children everyday and I am looking forward to the rest of the year.

Reading & Writing:  This week in reading, we'll continue our character study.  Each student will be assigned a differentiated novel.  The novels will be used to study the character development of each main character.  Students will be responsible for reading a set number of pages each day.  They will be given class time to complete the work.  Any unfinished work, which should not be much if time is used wisely, will be assigned for homework.  During writing this week, we'll research for passion projects and continue work on our ABC book.

Social Studies & Science:  This week we will wrap up Unit 2.  Students will take the final test tomorrow.  They will be able to use their study guide and notecards on the test.  Following the test, we will dive into our second science unit which will focus on Earth Science.  Students will study rocks and minerals.  They will also study how the Earth changes and what factors contribute to our changing planet.

Math: Thursday of this week, we'll take our final Unit 3 assessment.  Students received a study guide today, the study guide is due Wednesday.  For the remainder of the week, we will review for the assessment and work on a decimal riddle assignment.

This week is spirit week!  Participation is optional, but it makes the week a little more fun.

Monday (1/7):  Pajama Day
  • Start of the week on a comfy note!  Wear your PJs to school.
Tuesday (1.8):  Crazy Clothes Day
  • Wear your hair, shirt, socks, etc. in a crazy manner.
Wednesday (1/9): Character Day
  • Dress up as your favorite character day.
Thursday (1/10):  Skinner Spirit Day
  • Show your Skinner North Pride. Wear purple and gold today.
Friday (1/11): Winter Wonderland Day/ Door Decorating Contest
  • Wear something cozy or that represents winter.