Monday, April 29, 2019

This Week in Our Classroom...

I hope you are staying dry on this very rainy Monday morning.  Below you will find a brief overview of what to expect this week in our classroom:

Literacy:  Students will continue reading their literature circle novels and meeting for group discussions.  In the writing block, students will begin writing a realistic fiction story.  Students will learn how writers develop ideas, create believable characters, and use the plot mountain to support drafting.  Deciding on an idea is often the trickiest part, please ask your child to share their ideas with you.

Social Studies and Science: Today we will wrap-up our Chicago Today unit and begin presenting final projects.  Each day this week, a couple of groups will share their projects.  We will also begin our final unit in science.  We will begin the unit using a National Geographic Theme set- similar to the Native American theme set and the Shaping the Earth's Surface theme set.  The final set teaches students about the different stages in an animal's life cycle.

Math:  We'll start unit 7 tomorrow.  Unit 7 mainly focuses on multiplying fractions and number stories.  Students will receive a new Home Links packet tomorrow.   Please check with your child to make sure they are completing Freckle assignments as well.

Field Trip Permission Slips will go home today.   Please return BOTH slips as soon as possible so I can arrange for chaperones.

30BT Check-in due Thursday.  Make sure you child has glued on his/her book jackets to receive credit.  26 books are due along with a project.

Please join us after school this Wednesday for STEAM night!  

Sunday, April 21, 2019

This Week in Our Classroom...

I hope you had a wonderful Spring Break and enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday in Chicago!  Below you will find an overview of what to expect this week in our classroom:

Literacy:  Students will review the significance of understanding multiple perspectives in a literary text on Monday.  Following the review, they will take the final Sign of the Beaver assessment and watch the movie as well.  We will spend sometime comparing the movie and the book later in the week.  Following, students will choose a book to read as we begin literature circles.  In the writing block, we'll work on a small perspective writing activity and then begin our unit on realistic fiction.

Math:  We will wrap up Unit 6 early in the week.  Students should prepare to test on Friday.  I will send the study guide home tomorrow evening.

Social Studies:  Neighborhood projects will wrap up early in the week!  Students will share and then we'll begin our next science unit.

Monday, April 8, 2019

SEL for Parents

Encouragement vs. Praise
Praise may seem to work and motivate good behavior temporarily; but what are the long term results? Praise may feel good for the moment but what does it invite children to decide about themselves? 
  • All A's. You get a big reward.
  • I'm so proud of you.
  • I'm glad you listened to me.
  • I like what you did!
  • You are such a good boy/girl.
  • You did it just like I told you.
  • You worked hard; you deserve it.
  • You must be proud of yourself. 
  • How do you feel about it?
  • You figured it out for yourself.
  • I trust your judgement.
  • You can decide what is best for you.
  • I have faith in you to learn from mistakes. 
  • I love you no matter what. 
This is not meant to make us paranoid for giving praise once in a while. Praise, like candy, can be enjoyable on occasion but too much can be unhealthy and addictive. Encouragement, however, should be the staple that you give to yourself and your family every day. Encouragement allows your children to see themselves as being capable and it values their effort rather than focusing on perfection or pleasing others. 

This Week in Our Classroom...

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend!  Today is our last day of IAR testing.  It is also a very busy final week before Spring Break.

Passion Projects: Students will present their final passion project product on Friday.  I am excited to see all of the learning!  We will spend time in class tomorrow (Tuesday) and Thursday if students need to work on their projects, but minimal homework will be assigned this week so students can work on it at home as well.  Again the project is very open-ended.

Social Studies Neighborhood Group Project:  Students will use Social Studies time in class to complete the group project.  Although I have not assigned a due date, I believe students will finish up near Thursday.  After Spring Break, we will start our last Science unit.

Reading:  Students will finish Sign of the Beaver this week.  As we finish the novel, students will spend time evaluating the multiple perspectives in the book and determining which perspective aligns with their own thinking.  Students will also work on a perspectives writing activity using different point of views.

Math:  IAR testing concludes today.  Students will participate in a Math Mania assembly this afternoon.  Tomorrow we will continue with our Unit 6 math lessons.  I am going to hold off on the Unit 6 math assessment until after Spring Break- we have a lot of projects going on and just finished testing, so I believe this will be the best option.

Book Fair:  Our class will visit the book fair tomorrow- Tuesday, April 9th.  If you'd like to send money with your child, please send it in a labeled ziplock bag.  The book fair will be open all week.

Conferences:  I am looking forward to seeing all of you at conferences this Wednesday.  I sent home time confirmations with your child last week.  Please email me if you still need to schedule a conference.

Friday Folders:  "Friday" Folders will go home today.  We were in a rush last Thursday afternoon and didn't get a chance to pass them out.  Please look over the work with your child and return to school.

Monday, April 1, 2019

SEL for Parents

Many people do not know what they feel because they were not allowed to express their feelings as children. You cut off a large percentage of your intelligence when you suppress your feelings because much of your behavior is based on feelings that you aren't even aware of. When you acknowledge your feelings, allow them with dignity and respect, and find acceptable ways to express them, you have more self-acceptance and more control over your actions. When your child is experiencing strong emotions: acknowledge and allow acceptable solutions. 
Acknowledge anger: 
Sounds like you are really angry
Allow anger:
 Everyone has a right to feelings. I don't blame you. I have felt angry many times. 
Acceptable solutions: 
Would you like to punch a pillow?
Would you like to jump up and down?
Do you need to take some time to yourself?

This Week in Our Classroom...

IAR Testing this week- Please make sure your child arrives to school on time.  If they are late and we've already begun testing, they will have to retake the assessment at a later date.  Testing will take place each morning from 9-10:30 am.

Literacy:  Student will continue to read The Sign of the Beaver and analyze different perspectives in the test.  Some of the literacy block will also be used for Passion Project research and the neighborhood study.

Math: During math time, students will explore measuring angles with a protractor and naming angles.  

Social Studies:  Student will work on their neighborhood projects this week.  Today we will spend a little more time researching and tomorrow and the rest of the week, students will begin creating the final product.

Important Reminders: 

Return your Parent/Teacher Conference Time Preference sheet as soon as possible.  

No School Friday 4/5

Passion Project Presentations 4/12